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Makenna’s Story

  • Makenna Lee David was born on April 4, 1997, to Sheila and Greg David in Lexington, Kentucky. Makenna was a wonderful child, full of life, love and energy. She enjoyed playing with her sister and brother, Kelli and Dayne, and brought joy to everyone.

    In December 1997, at 8 months old, Makenna suffered a series of strokes and spent several weeks in the hospital. Medical experts from around the country informed the David family that their precious baby would likely not survive and if she did, she would never be able to care for herself. However, Makenna proved them wrong and made a recovery. She was back home with her family the Saturday before Christmas.

  • In August 1998, Makenna began experiencing breathing difficulties. In early November in search of a diagnosis, Makenna and her parents traveled to Houston. While she was a patient at Texas Children’s Hospital, Makenna visited a three-dimensional wall that proved to be a welcome distraction for her and the other young patients. Makenna found the wall’s brightly colored tiles captivating and fell in love with them.